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My grandmother was engaged to be married at 14, and then married with her first child on the way at 15.It’s old fashion to seek out relationships at this young age because it forces you to believe that your main purpose in life is to find someone to love you, when really, this stage of life should be all about learning to love yourself.There is probably no other stage of life that is wished away more than the stage of singleness.For many, it is a time defined by longings, desires, hopes and dreams for the future.With that said, it’s easy to get stuck on singleness when you’re in your twenties.It seems like everyone around you is immersed in love and romance, and you somehow begin to feel incomplete and alone.Embracing your singleness doesn’t mean that you give up the desire to find true love, but that you learn to enjoy the ride.Twenties: I used to think of the 20s as the guaranteed time in life to snag a mate.

But the truth is that we live in an age in which 30s are the new 20s.Thirties: It’s easy for discouragement to take over when you are struggling with singleness in your 30s.You begin believing a lie that fools you into thinking that with each passing year, you lose a little of what you have to offer.It’s not always easy to navigate through this stage while keeping your self-esteem, value and self-worth intact- particularly while immersed in a society that fools you into believing that you are incomplete without a mate.

Words like soul-mate and other-half innately declare that there is something missing until you find that special someone.No matter where you are on your journey of singleness, here is an age by age reminder of some things to get help get you through.