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However, it wouldn’t hurt to better grasp the differences in how men and women experience travel so you can engineer advertising and social media messages that broadcast on the same wavelength as the more influential sex.The latest literature and surveys speak to two common characteristics: Women are now more time-pressed than ever before, and they desire unique experiences.If you fall in love with one dress, but still want to show versatility, have each gal wear her convertible bridesmaid dress a different way!Be sure to complete the look with wedding jewelry for bridesmaids and if you have trouble adjusting your dress, or just need a little inspiration, head over to our resources page.Instead, you must appeal to a new age of incredibly harried consumers—who also happen to be women—seeking an exceptional, memorable trip.In your promotional slate, go beyond the simple “Girls Getaway” or “Spa Pampering” style of packages. To bestow something a tad more memorable, the buzz term that percolates most to mind is “authentic” local experience.Moreover, in developed nations, the salary gap continues to narrow, helping to further erode any entrenched glass-ceiling effect.

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She has been with us at Genesis II now for five years and has lots of experience along with utilising effortless techniques that are sure to please.Next, when considering a new cycle of renovations to a resort, would you be more inclined to opt for spa upgrades or a refurbishment of the golf course or other sports facility, knowing that you can only afford one?A good channel mix and broad base of appeal in your marketing efforts is the safe bet.Women are emerging as influencers in the leisure travel sector, and hoteliers need to modify their offerings to accommodate this growing demographic. Women are surmounting their traditional roles of mother and caregiver with disposable income per capita experiencing a 6.1% real growth over the 2007 to 2012 period with an 18.2% growth projected for the next seven years from 2013 to 2020, according to Euromonitor International.

All arrows point to women as the clear leaders in this travel sector.Convertible bridesmaid dresses are great for accommodating ladies with different body types because you are able to adjust the straps to find the way that is the most comfortable for you.

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