Ado child updating

02-May-2020 17:20

You must first create the record with the Autonumber Primary Key.

At the time that you create the record, the Primary Key is not available.

Also, hard-code the long integer value (0) by using CLong(0).

As a result of this, autonumber field would be generated in the master one. Add New Msgbox RST("My Auto Num") If you are using "Insert" statements then, you should not include the Auto Number Field in the SQL Statement....

The fields configured for this simple VBC are Account Id, Name, Phone, Location, and Access Id.

Access Id is the primary key in the external data source.

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Under the Child Citizenship Act, children adopted abroad automatically acquire U. citizenship if: At least one of the child's parents is a U. citizen; The child is under 18; Because of the Child Citizenship Act, many parents no longer need to apply separately for a child's naturalization. Children who enter the United States on IH-4 or IR-4 visas automatically acquire U. citizenship (assuming they are under 18) as of the date of their full and final adoption in the United States. Children who were 18 or older on February 27, 2001, did NOT acquire U. If you are a foreign-born, non-citizen adoptee who would like to apply for U. citizenship, please visit the USCIS web pages on naturalization.I am building a database using MS Access OLEDB, ADO and Visual Basic interface.And, I am developing client/server component applications to manipulate the data from the database.You should use a long integer in the other tables and use the number from the autonumber field in it (add a record to the table with the autonumber field and determine what the number is).

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Then, when updating the data in that table use a recordset and find that new record and update the field values.

Thank you and your help will be greately apprecited.

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