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This does not affect any Little Warriors programs, nor does it affect Career Center students."Aging out" chronicles the daunting obstacles that three young people in foster care encounter as they "age out" of the system and are suddenly on their own for the first time. DVD 6003 This documentary is a self-portrait of a young Cambodian immigrant growing up in America today. DVD 8275; vhs Video/C 4390 In this documentary experience what the life of a high school senior is really like through the eyes of five real-life very different teenagers living in a small Indiana town. This film, which focuses on a family's confrontation with divorce, death and a father's relationship with his son, is a lively, engrossing look at American teen life, 1990s style. Video/C 5844 Captures the annual basketball game between the Muncie Central High School Bearcats and the Anderson High School Indians. DVD X4544; Video/C 4879 An educational and entertaining documentary addressing the insecurities of women of all ages who learn to place their self-worth in the measure of their beauty. Video/C 9300 he United States of America is notorious for its astronomical number of people killed by firearms for a developed nation without a civil war. Video/C MM653 Contents: Advertising invades the classroom -- The shadow curriculum : sponsored educational materials -- Channel One : commercials in the classroom -- Schools in need : the politics of funding -- Sweet deals : exclusive soda contracts -- Resisting commercialism : legislative action -- Resisting commercialism : local activism -- What's at stake : keeping schools public.But when a boy asks Terry to teach him about door locks for a questionable motive, Terry presents him with a key to an entirely new way of life.Teenage code: Should Bill listen to Joe and cheat on the history exam, or realize that no good Christian should let down his school work, expecting God to come to the rescue? Video/C 6003 Volume 2: Teenager's Choice: A young teenage couple decides to postpone their marriage after listening to advice from their parents and church.They are quite happy that their dress allows men to look at them as people instead of as sex objects. This brief, illuminating film explores an important but rarely discussed social and public health issue. Includes commentary by community activists, educators, health and law enforcement professionals and gang members and also shows some innovative efforts in Portland schools to deal with the problem. As this diverse group of young women -- two teenagers from the Desire housing projects, a single mother from the working-class suburb of Belle Chase across the river, and two girls from the most prestigious private high school in New Orleans -- make short films about their own desires, this provocative film records the intimate dramas of their changing lives. This documentary follows four teenagers in their time of discovery. "Trembling Playground: Two Young Directors Discuss Film, Faith, and the Challenges of Documenting Religion." Cross Currents; Spring2004, Vol. "Dogtown and z-boys : white particularity and the new, new cultural racism." In: Visual economies of/in motion: sport and film Edited by C. Special features: Optional audio commentary by Frankel, Polazzo, Freiman, Suh, Zaytsev & Zisiadis; additional footage with the participants; complete debate between Freiman & Zisiadis (15 min.). We watch as 10 students from varied backgrounds grapple with a multitude of psycho-social developmental concerns including cultural, ethnic and class differences, the issues of substance abuse and sexual relationships, academic and career choices, stress management, autonomy and community building. DVD 7452 What distinguishes the members of Generation Next from their predecessors? Nearly every teen in America is on the Internet every day. Peers inside the world of this cyber-savvy generation through the eyes of teens and their parents, who often find themselves on opposite sides of a new digital divide. Savvy media consumers aren't born; they're made, and this program is an excellent tool for shaping a critical consumer. Though she spends an hour each day trying to tame her unruly hair, she never feels attractive. This documentary film follows four contestants in the Miss India Georgia pagent and tells the story of their experiences as first generation americans. This cinéma vérité documentary of an actual meeting allows the young people to speak for themselves, giving us a viewpoint different from that of their more prosperous or more radical counterparts. Ten years later, she revisits her former students, now seniors in high school, to see what has become of them. Rio, a skateboarder, Ashley, a basketball player, and Alex, a break-dancer, create their own entertainment from their urban environment. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shows the problems and lessons learned as the event was planned and held.The film follows the girls from a Harlem recording studio to a Brooklyn mosque, revealing typical teenagers suddenly caught in a tug-of-war between religious extremism and the American dream. 54 Issue 1, p84-95, 12p UC users only A documentary of a gang of discarded kids in L. who virtually revolutionized skateboarding with an aggressive style, awe-inspiring moves and street smarts, and in the process, transformed youth culture forever. This program --a sequel to the celebrated public television documentary "Generation Next" --looks at the beliefs, concerns, and goals that galvanize young people today. "The Dreams of Teen-age Girls and How They Fall Apart." (PBS to show documentary 'Girls Like Us,' which explores the impact of sex roles, class and violence) New York Times v146, sec2 (Sun, July 20, 1997): H24(N), H24(L), col 1, 24 col in. A generation with a radically different notion of privacy and personal space, today's adolescents are grappling with issues their parents never had to deal with. These young women disclose the complexity of their feelings about growing up in the United States as children of immigrant parents. DVD 7297; vhs Video/C 5745 Against all odds, the students at Dominguez High School set out to put on the school's first theatrical production in more than 20 years. DVD 1906 Examines the brutal slayings of three eight-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, and the investigation, arrest and trial of the three teenagers (the West Memphis Three) whose only crime seems to have been that they dressed in black, listened to heavy metal music, and were fascinated with the Wicca religion. With comments from Morgan Freeman, students, and others. Video/C 8144 Many important events in Ana Maria's life have been disappointing. Video/C 3596 Six young Los Angeles student filmmakers spent a year chronicling the interconnected lives of 15 of their peers from Fairfax (California) High School during their Senior Year. DVD X2982 A film by Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark, Cheryl Mc Call. Video/C 3977 Centers on research of the brain during puberty, when the brain begins teeming with hormones and the pre-frontal cortex, the center of reasoning and impulse control, is still a work in progress. Nancy Andreasen who is researching the problems of the adolescent brain and also special risks to the brain from addictive drugs or alcohol, with emphasis on the chaos of adolescent schizophrenia and what is being done to understand and alleviate it.England mobilizes a wealth of data--illustrated with highly accessible motion graphics--to begin to chart whether hooking up represents some kind of fundamental change, or whether we're simply seeing age-old gender patterns dressed up in new social forms. Sixteen-year old Hagar Youssef who has dealt with slurs and prejudice because she wears a headscarf, has mobilized groups to combat bias crimes in New York City. They further argue that to not engage with wrestling in a serious manner allows cynical promoters of violence and sexism an uncontested role in the process by which boys become "men." c2002. Video/C 9319 Homeless, queer youth -- Fighting The Right: Includes 2 videos about the Christian agenda -- Queer holiday: Cancun, Mexico -- Out in America: Grace under pressure -- The road to the games: Onwards into the storm -- Cinema homosexual: Threesome -- Local color: Queer Austin music and arts scene.She discusses her experiences as well as the ramifications faced by immigrant communities of the Special Registration program. Originally broadcast on Network Q: A video news service published monthly providing the gay perspective on America. Video/C 4094:5 Does science have the power to change lives? Originally released as a series of documentaries in Australia : [Fieldwork Films], 2000-2004. DVD X813 Turkey is a country with a large, young population, but literacy rates have traditionally lagged behind neighboring countries. Video/C 9734 Looks at the life of a young girl in the Indian village of Mithila.

Part 4 focuses on the social dynamics within the group arriving in Foot House, one of Doon Schools' dormitories for new boys. Doon School chronicles : a study in 10 parts (140 min) -- Disc 3. With morning hearts : a year in foot house (110 min.) -- Disc 4. Already at a disadvantage as impoverished and abused girls in a Muslim society, they encounter rape, drug addiction, prostitution, pregnancy and motherhood on the streets. One of the 'da gong mei', the working sisters, she talks about her life at the factory and back home on the farm. Additional narration provides historical, geographical and other background information. Tired of living with his nagging parents he takes the only way out he sees; he joins the army. Video/C MM139 Volume 1: Teenage Conflict: Two youths become so taken with scientific theories that they begin to question their faith.

Teenage loyalty: Jean, an active, outgoing church youth takes on too many new interests that shift her attention from the church.

Because of her neglect, a youth meeting goes awry and she realizes that her first loyalty has to be to the Lord.

Three of Britain's leading scientists are on a mission to find out. DVD X194 A documentary about the unenviable existence of millions of young boys around the world who are pressed into forced labour, fundamentalist religious indoctrination, military service (while they are still smaller than the guns they carry) and prostitution rings. DVD X275 An intimate study of India's most prestigious boys' boarding school, located in Dehra Dun in Uttaranchal. Turkey has identified education as key to reducing poverty, so the state has embarked on an ambitious campaign, targeting those most deprived of education -- young teenage girls -- especially from poor rural areas. DVD 3965 Shows the friendship that evolves between two Palestinian girls, Mona, a resident of a Beirut refugee camp, and Manar, who lives under Israeli control in Bethlehem's Al-Dheisha camp. Tells how changes in roles and attitudes have come to women there through ancient traditions of painting, but Munni learns the old ways from her grandmother and the new from her aunt. Video/C 4264 A powerful documentary about a group of young runaway girls who are taken to the women's shelter, Reyhaneh Centre, in Tehran, Iran.

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Over the course of six weeks, 19 East End teenagers from one of London's toughest schools are the focus of a ground-breaking social experiment -- to see if their engagement in a series of incredible scientific experiments can change the way they see the world and explode their misconceptions about science. All too often these boys are forgotten, their fate sealed from their infancy. Sometimes called 'the Eton of India', Doon School has never the less developed its own distinctive style and presents a curious mixture of privilege and egalitarianism. After corresponding through letters the girls finally meet at the border during the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon and are impacted when the intifada erupts around them. Her daily life exhibits the values of family and cultural continuity that are her legacy. It focuses on the sufferings of the girls who struggle to free themselves from the tyrannical and abusive power of their families, mainly their fathers, brothers and stepfathers. Video/C 9097 Second in a series of programs by Michael Apted who interviewed a group of British children from widely differing socio-economic backgrounds at intervals of seven years from the age of 7 through 42.Both came to the Waxter Juvenile Facility in Maryland. An ethnically diverse group of four working class girls strut, flirt and testify about their lives. Produced & directed by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan & Dawn D. Shows the influence of such forces as parents, teachers, guidance counselors, the media, pop music, and the institution of marriage in directing women into socially acceptable sex roles. A film by Christina Bellantoni and Elizabeth Pickett. For urban schools in high-poverty areas, reaching these goals has proven to be a daunting task, and many now face the real possibility of being taken over by the state --or being shut down altogether. DVD X244 Just outside of Dallas, Texas a violent haunted house is serving as the pulpit for a modern-day fire and brimstone sermon. "Bigotry and brimstone: a new documentary takes us inside Hell House, a Halloween creep show designed to scare kids away from "sins" like homosexuality." The Advocate July 23, 2002 p61(1) (580 words) UC Berkeley users only A documentary study of life in a typical urban high school, Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. DVD 8741; vhs Video/C 3753 A extensive documentary about Central Park East Secondary School, a successful alternative high school in New York's Spanish Harlem. Playground bullying captured on camera shows a picture of how these girls use their closest friendships to hurt each other - with shunning, whispering and mean looks - to win social power in the group. The price that adolescents, especially girls, pay to be cool, hip and popular in our brave new wired world is shared by three different groups of culturally diverse teenagers. DVD X3804 Produced and directed by Spencer Nakasano. Video/C MM145 Cyntoia's story takes a hard look at some of the complex social issues concerning a 16-year-old girl who is serving a life sentence for murder. These movies became such an integral part of life on the street that kids vied for starring roles, as well as the attention and approval of the film maker, creating an atmosphere of betrayal with the exhilarating heights and crushing lows of a mini-studio system. Exploring issues of family, faith, and coming of age, La Quinceañera is a touching portrait of a Mexican family's love and devotion to each other. The teens were tried, convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, even though only one of them actually committed the crime. Drawing on interviews with Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def jam Records; Camille hackney, of Elektra Entertainment Group; Damon Dash, CEO of Foc-a-fella Enterprises; media literacy advocate Debbie Gordon; and numerous Canadian rap artists, this program follows the money into the music/marketing arena. They discuss their feelings of liberation within the strict regimentation of competitive sports, their search for identity and self-esteem while revolting against the stereotyped expectations of others, body image, dating, and the importance of mothers and coaches as mentors. I wish he were here (26 min.) -- Episode 3: I planned on not getting hurt (26 min.) -- Episode 4: Angels protect my heart (26 min.) -- Episode 5: Maybe I'm not an artist (26 min.) -- Episode 6: My name is unity (26 min.) -- Cassette 2. Video/C 7304 Program about the sorority social life and rites and pressure of sorority members to conform. The unbearable pressure becomes even more extraordinary when it is felt by ordinary teenagers. From girls confronting popular messages about culture and body image, to boys who are sexually active just to prove they aren't gay, the film reveals the toll that deeply-held stereotypes and rigid gender policing have on all of our lives, and offers both teens and adults a way out of anxiety, fear, and violence. After showing a dramatization of what happens when a delinquent youth steals a car and runs over the town's favorite police officer, the court system is also shown to be a problem.