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• Ground anchors manufactured from advanced high strength composite.

Product codes and specification: BENEFITS • A guying system to fully complement Green Blue Urban tree packages.

Stencils can also be perceived as an evidence that one does not need to paint big in order to be successful – by far more important factors than size are relevance and placement of the piece.

This quick and relatively easy technique of street art making is also popular because of its cheapness – all a person needs in order to make a stencil graffiti is a piece of cardboard, a knife and a can of spray paint, making the artistic vision placed behind the piece the only challenging bit in the entire process.

Strap to be threaded through rings, over rootball, into rachet tensioner and tensioned as necessary.

Furthermore, during conflict times, the army would mark directions and information on urban surfaces of war-torn towns, making stencils in order to enable normal functioning of the soldiers who needed to know where to station themselves.