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A new video on Lithuania does not use words, but shows the most vivid emotions of tourists from around the world. more Other activities State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy carries out tourism projects, financed from EU structural funds.

more Growing impact of tourism on the Lithuanian economy 2017-10-13 It is the golden age for tourism now: during the first half of 2017, foreign tourists’ spending in Lithuania grew by almost one tenth and, compared to 2008, increased by almost 50 per cent, or EUR 210 million!

In May of 2017 State Health Care Accreditation Agency (hereinafter – Accreditation Agency) attended the meeting of the Regulatory Committee on Medical Devices and the special expert meeting on future implementing acts under new medical devices regulations which was organized by the European Commission. The main purpose of this meeting - to discuss strategic issues of health technology assessment (HTA) in Europe – whether EU countries are willing to contribute to a sustainable collaboration on HTA beyond 2020.

The network has been established by European Commission in 2013.

Gross violations of medical practice acts and patients‘ rights may lead to license restriction or loss of a license. State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter – Accreditation Agency) has an extensive experience with participation in international health technology assessment (HTA) projects and successfully keeps increasing competency in this field.

Is it allowed to bring this medicines from Russia for 70 days? My mother and a little daughter are going with me and I have a question concerning medicines which are allowed to be taken because it is impossible to go for such a long period without any medicine, my mother has to take some of them every day (heart drops and drops from blood pressure).

Therefore Accreditation Agency is continuing implementation and development of this preventive activity in 2017.

Accreditation Agency has already scheduled 30 consolidated routine inspections of healthcare providers for this calendar year. State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (Accreditation Agency) at 20th anniversary conference "Our way toward a patient safety“ has presented key results, essential changes achieved and future goals for improving effectiveness of our organization and serving society. We are proud to have well qualified, dedicated and virtuous medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care professionals.

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Dear Sir/ Madam, Hope you are doing fine, Please help confirm Address details for State Medicines Control Agency, at which the registration dossier is submitted. I know that you have some restrictions for some drugs but don't know exactly whether these drugs are prohibited in your country. Are there any list of prohibited or restricred drugs to find out whether we can to get medicine with us. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing with regard to medicines which are allowed to be taken when crossing the Lithuanian border.

Accreditation Agency represents Lithuania in HTA Network since the establishment of the network and aims to contribute to the policy development related to HTA at European level. Financial incentives for voluntary accreditation of family medicine services were recently introduced aiming for improvement of the quality of health care services and patient safety. Veryga has recently signed a revised order “Concerning approval of schedule of procedures for organization and reimbursement of primary health care services and the list of primary health care services and basic rates” fixing extra financing for every enrolled patient to the primary health care facilities providing accredited family medicine services, since the 1For the second year in a row State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (Accreditation agency) has been carrying out consolidated routine inspections of health care facilities.