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24-Apr-2020 12:18

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Here’s how different groups of men fare in the DR: If there is anywhere you need a strong frame as a man, it’s in the Dominican Republic.One way you can put this into practice is to call her to confirm a date rather than pussy footing around on Whatsapp.Azure-blue water, white sand, tanned beauties with hourglass figures. In this article, I’ll give you the lowdown on Dominican girls and what you can do to enjoy the women down there without losing your mind.In the DR, there are plenty of girls that wouldn’t look out of place at a Hip Hop party in Atlanta.Curiously, most white Dominican women will have abundant thickness as well (in the right places) The mix of genes on the island has produced white girls with onion booties that traffic.Also, if there is a country in the world where the women have bigger natural tits, I’d like to know about it.

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The only Dominican girls who have zero curves are those who are 100% white.

You can use this crass superficialness to your advantage by sending Dominican women photos and videos of yourself doing interesting activities: at the gym, at a concert, eating out, wearing nice clothes, at the beach, and so on.

The truth is, having a nice place, car, suit and ordering bottle service at the club makes a difference.

I wish it didn’t and I wish I could just get by on my charm but I’ve given up on my principles in the quest for more Dominican success.

At the clubs, Dominican girls are watching like hawks to see what you are ordering/drinking.

The island is crawling with single mothers and they will usually leverage the kid for money pleas.

In order to have to play in the 'sugar bowl', as we call it, or even have a successful arrangement, you have to respect these 'terms' that you decide beforehand.… continue reading »

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