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25-Jul-2020 22:25

Singer/songwriter Aria Lanelle encapsulates that feeling with her latest offering “Shellshocked”. From the first time I heard “Loyalty” from Kendrick Lamar‘s critically acclaimed DAMN. As the members of The Internet pursue solo projects, we’re starting to notice their individual talent even more.Aria finds herself stuck between trying to heal herself from past hurts . album, I pictured in my head what the visuals could and would look like. Jojo has been hinting at new music for a while on twitter, snap chat and other social media platforms. Try to catch it.” California spitter AL-X enlists the help of Detroit emcee Curtis Roach for the wavy and fun-loving track “Tsunami”. Young Soul peels back the layers of his psyche and channels his . The newest addition to the group, Steve Lacy, is gearing up for a new song series called Steve Lacy’s Demo.

This was all I wanted to hear the moment they pulled you from inside of me!Well, Dave Meyers & the little homies surpassed my expectations with the video for the sultry collab with Rihanna. Detroit rapper, Curtis Roach, is currently taking summer college courses and simultaneously working on an album. Now, on her first offering since the release of her album Mad Love last October, Jo Jo sizzles with “Wonder Woman”. It was 14 years ago that Beyoncé burst onto the scene with her first solo record “Crazy In Love.” The summer banger, which featured her future husband Jay Z, propelled Beyoncé into the superstar we know today. The (now) 18-year-old emcee with the veteran flow Curtis Roach samples Teddy Pendergrass on his latest offering, “SLYB.” The Detroit spitter dropped the uptempo banger just in time for his 18th birthday on May 14th. When Outkast released Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2003, I was enamored. AL-X rides the wave of Santos Santana’s offbeat, nostalgic production. If you’re looking for melodic hip-hop with intricate choruses, move around. The first single from the series, “Dark Red,” is a modest soundtrack that highlights the insecurities that . The video starts off with Kung-Fu Kenny in a room full . With his plate full, he still managed to squeeze out a few tracks to tide his fans over. 1) is a 3-track EP that finds Roach showing off his signature wordplay and versatility. It’s a sweltering mid-tempo ballad that finds the soul-singer wondering if her former lover thinks about . Well, just in time for this anniversary, rapper/producer K, Le Maestro released a bouncy remix to the hit . Interpolating the chorus of Teddy’s hit song, “When Somebody Loves You Back,” Curtis delivers his signature bouncy flow with the . Of course I loved Big Boi‘s southern rap cadences, but Andre 3000‘s take on psychedelic funk and jazz with Atlanta swag appealed to my senses. The keys and whistle effect give it a cartoonish quality. A little while ago, we shared Curtis Roach‘s “Extra Friez.” Well, the 17-year-old emcee released the video for the track, and he shows us his love for the fried food. If you’re looking for great storytelling and great flow, then pull up a chair. That was 2004, and she followed it up two years later with the prophetic “Too Little, Too Late.” Peaking at #3, it was her biggest hit but also her last (unless the #87 chart performance of her also-unfortunately-titled 2011 track “Disaster” qualifies).

Judging by her imprint on the pop music mainstream — radio airplay, chart placement, awards show performances and the like — she is a relic fit for VH1’s next installment of .

Andre and Brooklyn go together like wave caps and Murray's. I’ve followed Smith‘s music for quite some time and I’ve always been aware that he has killer vocals, but I’ve never heard or thought he could rap.