Android contact pictures facebook not updating

15-Jul-2020 06:01

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Do you need the contacts of all the friends on Facebook?It is too tiresome to check the profile of each of the friends and note down the numbers provided. Now you can sync Facebook contacts with i Phone easily and conveniently without having to do so much.Have had this issue with every Android Phone I have ever had. How can I get Facebook Contacts to sync with my Contacts on my Droid Turbo 2? I have gone into settings and then Accounts, made sure to sync Facebook and Google. There are some apps out there you can try using, that I have heard work. Still I have many Contacts who are Facebook Friends that still have a generic Profile Pic (the one for Contacts that is round and has the letter in it) for a Contact photo. As far as I know, that option is no longer available.

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Once you login to Facebook, you can check a short run-down of various features that you can switch “On” and “Off”.

When you gain new Facebook friends or your friends update their contact information, you will not get the updates automatically in your contact list.

However, you can update information in your phone by choosing “Settings”, tapping on “Facebook” and then tapping on “Update all Contacts”.

Given below are certain steps that you can follow to sync the contacts in your social media profile like Facebook: Step 1: In your i Phone, you need to tap on the App Store icon.

Use the search bar at the store to search for the Facebook app.You can also sync your Facebook events to the calendars in your phone.

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