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28-Mar-2020 16:38

The real fun part is that each ending is entirely different, with some leading to sex scenes but you’ll have to play through the game more than once to get those. Known as The Fruit of Grisaia in English, Grisaia no Kajitsu is an adult romance visual novel that has you controlling main lead Yuuji Kazami, as he transfers to Mihama Academy which only consists of five female students, and must deal with the odd circumstances that come his way.

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School Days HQ is a slice of life visual novel that revolves around the world of Makoto, who becomes the love interest of many girls in his high school.Key is notorious for creating some of the best visual novels around, and Rewrite is most certainly one of them being ranked the best selling title in Japan during its initial release.Originally released in 2011, Rewrite focuses on the random life of Kotarou Tennouji, a young boy with powerful supernatural abilities and eventually joins a club with five other girls to uncover mysteries of the world around them.However Kotarou realizes that there’s a deeper conflict ensuing right under his nose, and now finds himself caught in between the battle between summoners and superhumans with the fate of the world at risk.

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Those who’ve enjoyed the anime will most certainly find this visual novel title to be quite satisfying, since it blends nicely with everything that’s happened throughout the story, while throwing in some surprises along the way.

This is what makes the game such a powerful one because as you read through the lines of text, you start to see a little bit of yourself in Hisao, as he learns to understand the world around him and realize that none of us is perfect and that we just need to accept who we are as individuals in spite of what fate throws at us.

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