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That colleague was arrested and subsequently died in custody.

Long, Complicated Baku-PKK History The documentary evidence Musayev claims to have obtained from Zeynalov of Azerbaijani government involvement in supplying weaponry to the PKK serves yet again to highlight Azerbaijan's seemingly ambivalent relationship with that organization.

At the same time, as Thomas de Waal noted in his obituary of the late president, Heydar Aliyev was also said to have been instrumental as a young KGB officer in creating the PKK, presumably with the intention of undermining stability in NATO-member Turkey.

Prominent members of Azerbaijan's Kurdish minority, according to a Moscow blogger quoted by veteran analyst Paul Goble, include the mayor of Baku and the head of the state oil company SOCAR.

Opposition parliament deputies have demanded on at least three occasions since 2002 that the parliament formally designate the PKK a terrorist organization, but the ruling Yeni Azerbaycan Party consistently blocked a debate on the issue.

The most recent effort, in December 2009, was spearheaded by Camil Hasanli, who was selected last month by the opposition National Council of Democratic Forces as its reserve candidate for the October 9 presidential election.This blog presents analyst Liz Fuller's personal take on events in the region, following on from her work in the "RFE/RL Caucasus Report." It also aims, to borrow a metaphor from Tom de Waal, to act as a smoke detector, focusing attention on potential conflict situations and crises throughout the region.