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05-Jun-2020 06:42

Since reading someone’s mind is impossible, we use other methods to decipher what someone is really thinking.The most common, go-to method for mind-reading today is social media.How to know what someone’s touch means In order to find out what a certain kind of touch means, you need to know what the basics are. If you or your partner can’t say it out loud yet, you can still make do by hugging or by holding hands, or expressing yourselves through physical touches.In order to fully understand the meaning of a certain touch, you have to consider the location, the pressure, and the duration. It’s basically touching someone physically, while trying to convey a message, a thought, or a feeling. Protectiveness, wanting to increase intimacy, and trying to express comfort. A way to comfort yourself, a way to get another’s attention or arouse someone. It is up to you to determine whether there is weight in their meaning or if it’s just a reflexive reaction, brought on by the current state of your relationship.

Still, knowing these things can give us a little peace of mind and can even help us make informed decisions when interacting with strangers. [Read: 15 ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them] #18 Resting head or face on shoulders. A request for intimacy, sating of physical arousal, and a sign of comfort.Read on and know your hugs.1: The ass out hug Many men have experienced this one. It usually involves a brother and sister in Christ. Maybe this hug originated from the fact that people were usually carrying a big and heavy Bible on the other side? The purpose of this hug is to ensure there is no hint of sexual arousal taking place between the two parties greeting each other.And don’t start acting like the man as if you’ve never encountered this one. This hug needs to stay where it belongs, church.3: The double pat on the back hug This hug is bad when administered by a lady to man. This hug is self-explanatory, when one hugs you; they leave you an extra two, or three pats on the back.The most powerful messages of all can be conveyed through touch. Some people don’t know how to express themselves verbally, which makes it hard to start a lasting relationship where you’re open with one another.

A recent study found that emotional communication can exist through touch, and people are capable of identifying what those emotions are, as well. The researchers found that their subjects were able to identify emotions like happiness, sympathy, gratitude, and love. Now that you know what certain touches mean, you have a guideline on how to proceed with your communication.Studying body language takes time and it’s not as accurate if you’re not proficient in relating it to context.