Backdating contracts verbal contracts and contract splitting

17-Dec-2019 04:24

The VTCA also requires that a public offering statement be prepared and given to any prospective buyer before a travel services agreement is executed.

The VTCA requires that this right to cancel be printed immediately above the buyer's signature, in capital letters under the caption, in no less than 10-point boldfaced type..

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Written estimates are required, if requested, and must be provided before work of more than is commenced. The text of the notice is set forth in the CDWA, and the notice is required to be in type no smaller than boldfaced 10-point type.

This right to reinstatement must be affected within five days for contracts with monthly payments and within two days for contracts with payments made at lesser intervals..

The CPAA is enforced under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act..

The VTCA requires the travel services agreement to contain a written disclosure of all terms and limitations on the membership.