Beautiful people dating review

18-Mar-2020 12:42

Because of this particular niche of online dating, the website, BBPeople was created and developed to serve those men and women who feel left out by mainstream online dating but still desire to connect with those other ‘big and beautiful’ people who are out there but are difficult to find and meet.

Because of BBPeople, it’s easier now than ever to find, meet, and date other members of the ‘big and beautiful’ community.

☆ Beautiful People organizes parties, events, get-togethers for its members to have fun.

☆ One good thing about building your profile is that there’s a separate “interest” section that allows you to mention about your favorite music, books, activities, TV shows, sports to give an idea about yourself to others.

On the contrary, Beautiful People uses fake profiles to draw attention which gives an impression that there are loads of good-looking members on the website.

The worst part is that if you become fat or less attractive, you will be rejected even if you are a premium member.This could be disturbing for people who want to meet like-minded singles because you are never given a chance to express your thoughts or interests.Moreover, members can rate only the profiles of opposite-sex.Finally, the huge disappointment is that they do not guarantee whether the profile photos are real or appropriate.

If you are wondering what kind of beauties are accepted, then you must definitely send a picture in a bikini to get your way into the site.

The site had a warm welcome in the US and the UK due to extreme media attention.

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