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I could go on and on but you have all heard it from me before.Maybe this instance will help many of you realize what we are doing to our kids.One of my Facebook acquaintances brought it up first; he's someone who is a dedicated liberal on most issues, but also despises anything that smacks of "political correctness." I agree to the premise that there is some danger in lumping the occasional inappropriate remark or unwanted flirtation with actual rape, coercion, or continuous verbal harassment.For one thing, I think it puts more men on the defensive: comparing someone who put his hand on your shoulder once when you'd rather he didn't, or maybe made an unwelcome double-entrende remark, with a serial rapist is bound to produce some resentment.I remember, vividly, when we had the "youth service" at my church. The seniors get to come up and give a quick "sermon." I remember one boy, whose parents I knew, witness on the importance of our youth program. The parliamentary sitting came just days after Mary and Frederik returned from a trip to the US. C and Boston as part of their four-day business tour.

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I think there is a disturbing narrative that says talking about all of these things together is somehow equating them, and treating "minor" transgressions as far more than they should be, tarring with the same brush, and all the other arguments for treating the worst actors as sui generis. And it is utterly ridiculous to treat Weinstein as sui generis, and pretend that what he did has nothing to do with a single unwanted flirtation from a coworker.

However, that doesn't mean that the less extreme examples are things that should be tolerated or accepted.

An example I occasionally use: if suddenly transported back in time to 1942, and given the choice of experiencing the next few years as a Japanese-American in an internment camp or a Jew in Auschwitz, I'm pretty sure I know which of the two just about everyone would pick.

But that doesn't mean that interment camps weren't .

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The existence of a greater wrong doesn't magically turn the wrong into a right.

Troubling rhetoric abounds, condemning all sexually tinged dynamics in the workplace, stereotyping men as abusers and women as perpetual victims in need of quasi-Victorian protections.