Body language in photos dating

11-Jul-2020 10:12

"In that photo, I see that joy I was looking for from him in the inauguration.

Here I see it — 'I'm with my beautiful girlfriend,'" she said. Wood was struck by how happy the two both look in this particular moment, proving the recent stiffness in their behavior some have observed lately hasn't always been there."This is the happiest I've seen them," Wood said. She is just exuberantly happy, and she has sort of a mischievous smile on her face.

Wood said she was fascinated by this particular moment.

I was very happy to see there was a little moment." The fact that the two touch hands made Wood happy because it seems like something a normal couple would do.At a campaign event in Iowa, Melania touches Donald as he gives a speech to his supporters. As I'm reading this, it looks like a desire to connect, rather than showing a connection."Wood drew attention to the fact that Melania's hands are straight out and her fingers aren't curved. "I still read that as a desire to connect, or maybe even a desire to get him to stop talking," Wood said. 9, just after celebrating his presidential victory, Donald and Melania share a brief embrace at his election night party at the Hilton Midtown hotel in New York City.