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20-Nov-2019 05:04

For the vast majority of the victims, the abuse is then compounded by a second trauma.

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Branka says, “Four men who raped eight girls, gang raped them, the women pointed to the men in court and said it was them, and there’s no doubt these women went through sexual abuse, but that’s not enough evidence to prosecute the perpetrators so they were released. He couldn’t live with it.” Rana gave an account of her ordeal to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.None of them completed education, none of them were able to get a job, so their life passed totally marked by this traumatic event.” It’s often not until the women receive some sort of financial compensation for their trauma and they are no longer economically dependent on their husbands that they feel strong enough to speak out for the first time.The women who find the courage still often face a culture of shame but they have a much greater chance of starting the healing process.She recounts the day that changed her life forever, her hair neatly tied back, loop earrings and rimless glasses, suggesting an organised life but her scrambled thoughts tumbling out say otherwise. You have a sister’, adding it was better to let her live. She thinks it saved her from the widespread sexual abuse in the Trnopolje concentration camp set up in a school in her hometown of Prijedor, Bosnia.

“There were many soldiers in the field,” she remembers. “They had their eyes set on teenage girls,” she says.

Branka treats all three ethnic groups, the Bosniak, Croat and Serb, who are predominantly Muslim, Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christian, respectively.