Boy rules dating

11-Jul-2020 01:03

This can make a girl feel resentful and underappreciated, and turn the relationship stale.To make sure you don’t become one of those guys continue putting effort and energy into your relationship.If not, all she’s really looking for is that connection.

Rule #4 Make time for other friends/activities A great relationship rule for men to follow to make sure a relationship is lifting you up – and not dragging you down – is to carve out some time for yourself.

Instead of saying “You’re so rude, you should have introduced me to your friends” try saying something like “It hurt that you didn’t introduce me, I felt like you didn’t want me there. By phrasing it this way you’re not attacking, blaming, or trying to control her.

You’re simply stating how you feel and what you’d like.

Simply supporting her will create a stronger emotional connection between you.

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This alone can automatically get her to start feeling better.After all no girl wants a guy she can walk all over. You can set boundaries both in regards to how the girl treats you or how the relationship is defined.

A sense of humor that is cruel, or that belittles other people, is fairly normal for a teenager.… continue reading »

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