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29-Nov-2019 11:38

Oscar winner Marisa Tomei studied rocker Bret Michaels' raunchy reality show Rock Of Love as part of her stripper research for new movie The Wrestler.The actress tried pole dancing too - just to make sure she'd look authentic in her film debut as an exotic dancer.The Osbournes' very own matriarch, Sharon, will serve as headmistress for the show, in which 14 women from both seasons of Rock of Love will be trained to learn proper etiquette and social skills.A couple of days ago, VH1 revealed the final list of Rockers who will be part of Charm School this year. Beginning October 12 at 9pm, we will get to see 14 women from Rock of Love finding their way through extensive etiquette training and skill development."I would practice in a dance room with a bar and a mirror, like a ballet studio.I watched Rock of Love, that reality show with Bret Michaels, where he's trying to get a wife and they're all strippers.» - By Kimberly Nordyke Filming on Bret Michaels's reality TV show has been put on hold after a driver on the programme was involved in a fatal car crash.

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"Daisy of Love" is created and executive produced by Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego for 51 Minds Entertainment, which also produces "Rock of Love." Ben Samek also exec produces.

The Charm School attendees – all of them former competitors for Poison singer Bret Michaels' fickle affections on Rock of Love – gave Osbourne plenty of trouble with boozing, feuds, and screaming matches as they competed for 0,000 and the title of Charm School Queen. Osbourne called us (exactly on time, of course) to talk about why Charm School was a learning experience for her, too.

Read More Taming the wayward women of VH1's Charm School would be a tough job for anyone – except Sharon Osbourne.

Michaels has now requested that filming on the programme be halted out of respect for the victims of the crash. The crew member survived and has been released from the hospital.

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"Bret Michaels has requested that his participation in the production of the series be temporarily suspended in deepest sympathy as he attempts to reach out to the families of the victims. Michaels had left Illinois early Friday morning and was not near the scene of the accident." Michaels has also paid tribute to the victims.

She explains, "I had a friend who is a yoga teacher and she does a lot of pole dancing so I asked her to teach me.