Brett ratner dating serena williams 100 eruopean dating site

30-May-2020 14:33

It certainly makes the idea of taking the money you would spend on a pricey engagement ring and investing in, say, a Brooklyn brownstone, all the more appealing.

After all, a Gucci Ghost ring would be the perfect substitute.

I love that they can have fun with a taco ring and simultaneously are keeping the ring, and the excitement of their engagement, something just for them,” she said earlier this week.

“Only they know, for a bit longer, at least.”Zalopany’s right: Williams posted another picture of her ring to her millions of Instagram followers this morning, much to our surprise, with a rare picture of her hugging her soon-to-be husband. With a signature wink, Williams quickly Photoshopped that aforementioned taco over the glittery stone and left us all swooning—a winning wedding approach the anti-Bridezillas among us could adopt.

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Brett Ratner has joined the list of powerful Hollywood figures that are being outed for sexual misconduct.

Ratner, with an estimated net worth of 0 million produced films like “Rush Hour” and “The Revenant” and has a super lucrative partnership with Warner Bros. Some are just stating that he made some lewd comments while others are saying that he straight up assaulted them.

After trying to kiss her several times, she just can’t take it anymore and breaks up with him right there.

As possibly the greatest athlete on record, Serena Williams is no stranger to fanfare—in fact, it’s followed her lengthy and impressive career.But when Williams recently announced at the end of last year that she was engaged to Reddit mogul Alexis Ohanian, it all came as a shock.

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