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Timothy Linh Bui ( is about a man who fakes his own death so he can fight crime from the shadows of Central City.His nemesis is the Octopus, who kills anyone who sees his face and is looking to wipe out the entire city.The advertising campaign paid the rising star between –7 million over two years.In spite of that, Willis chose not to renew his contract with the company when he decided to stop drinking alcohol in 1988.Finding it easy to express himself on stage and losing his stutter in the process, Willis began performing on stage and his high school activities were marked by such things as the drama club and student council president.

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The National Enquirer reports that the film would be a romantic comedy that teams Demi Moore with ex-husband Bruce Willis , and chronicles the zany adventures of a divorced couple after she marries a sexy stud 16 years her junior!

In early 2009, he appeared in an advertising campaign to publicize the insurance company Norwich Union's change of name to Aviva.