Buck knife dating system chart

08-Jul-2020 17:09

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In the future, most professionals' life's work will be able to be seen, cataloged, and verified on the internet and copyrighted in the Library of Congress, our world's top library and source of record.Many professional jobs today require a related web site for details of that professional's work, his achievements, history, education, and even his attitude and beliefs.Continue this tutorial if you need to know how to determine the year of a Case knife.After 1970 every Case knife can be associated with an individual year. To find a particular knife, the collector may frequently search for a model number and the year, so the collector must be able to identify which year or era the knife was made in order to search quickly.Clicking the left column in the table will tell you more about that era or year span.In the fourth quarter of 1964, PUMA implemented a new control system.

The smaller folder without locks, the number was stamped on the inside of the brass liner.

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