Chat dating development ivr phone

03-Jul-2020 12:11

Since its foundation Tele Media has gained wide experience with all types of media.

We have provided and still provide several websites, television stations, newspapers and magazines with innovative, interactive services.

Are you in the market for new call center software and not exactly sure which features you need?

Are you confused about the difference between an IVR and an ACD?

It provides maximum security to the seller, as well: the price is immediately, without any delay will be charged to the phone bill of the customer.Such content ranges from print-ready interviews with the winners of promotional games to more sophisticated services, like displaying the result of SMS or IVR votes on TV in real time.The performance of each of our services is continuously monitored by our team of analysts, to ensure the optimal lifetime and revenues generating capacity of our applications.IVR also offers single payment mechanism for single transactions, while mobile terminated billing makes it possible to operate continuous, subscription based services using SMS.

We provide all of the above listed services with flat rate telephone customer service on a 24/7 basis.

All our production software (both IVR and data-carrier based applications) has been developed 100% in-house, which gives us freedom and allows us absolute independence from third-party suppliers, increases flexibility and drastically cuts development lead-times.