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22-Mar-2020 21:03

Like the tired old cliche, he says he hates his life and...

I actually posted an ad online stating that I was looking for a lover.

These are powerful women – These are Women in Authority – These are females you just don’t cross.

This very hot Fem- dom Looks so good in this tight figure-hugging red and black latex dress- With her curvy figure, big boobs and pretty face she is bound to make any sub fall to his knees desperate to worship her.

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I left it alone and continued my night with friends. We meet for the first time at a local up scale bar. I met a man who told me he was married and I continued to talk to him thinking eventually I would blow him off. I struggle daily about what to do b/c I know I don't want to be alone forever, yet know how much happiness he brings me.loves me too, but won't leave his kids. It's my choice, I stayed because this is what it takes to have him for now, hopefully only for now. I am usually buzzed on martinis when I check this, so be kind. My story is pretty sad in that I knew he was married when I met him. He started buying me things and treating me better than any other man... This time it's lasted for two months but I think he's either losing interest or is afraid. I have been living with my boyfriend for five years, the man I'm having an affair with has been with his girlfriend for two years. Getting inside their mind and making it only think about me is what turns me on the most. Im 24, have a good job and have always known how to take care of a man.