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Whenever you do not know how to spell a word just go to this site and search, we got millions of different misspellings for the words already indexed by google, so just google it it as you think it is spelled and hopefully google will help you find Tellspell again!

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but if you can’t dance, sing and speak Korean, forget it bab Readiness for Varsity: 7/10 (strong thighs in the scrums, not a hooker for nothing) Melissa, prop – Mel, Ebako, Fixie, softie Years played: 2 (joined 3 times before actually committing) Sports night factor: 3/10 (if you pay for her jägerbombs: 10000/10) Times she’s cried in da klerb: 7 Commitment: 8/10 – lives in Greenwich and didn’t join GKT #score Banter: 2/10 – asks Cece to write the angry emails Flirt: 6/10 – tries and fails, but becomes twerk-o-mat at summer dinner Readiness for Varsity: 8/10 – deadly tackles, ‘WHERE DID SHE COME FROM??

What-the-hell-are-you-doing-in-your-spare-time: 3 Flirt: 4/10 – lives with girlfriend, has cutest dog on the planet, bakes cookies Readiness for Varsity: 5/10 – broke her finger, but nothing a lil amputation can’t handle (= she’s ready) Joy, prop – Slay-joy, Je Suis Joy, Resident American #2, Vomatron, Team Roast Victim, Tennessee, Kuunntttrrryyy, drunk fresher #1 Years played: 1 Sports night factor: extreme – even gets sick during matches Love for Berrylands: 9000/10 – will even go when we don’t have training (always check group chat, bab!Nav, Reagan, Cece Times she’s not caught a ball: -2 Commitment: 8/10 – Occasionally threatens to return to fencing) Banter: 2/10 – *Incomprehensible French* Flirt: 4 – In Temple Bar-committed relationship atm Readiness for Varsity: 9/10 – Let’s just say Royal Hoes (RHU) had to double mark her… Jess, back row – Jessicaaarh, Jessie, Phil, mate Years played: 2 Sesh factor: 10/10 – Oh you don’t mean gym sesh?? then 2 Commitment: 11/10 – Breaks leg, back after 2 weeks KCLWRFC tattoos acquired on Tour: 1 (convinced everyone else to get one too) Banter: 9/10 – chats up refs, physios, coaches, captains, opposite team Flirt: 7/10 – 2015 Jess: ‘I’m totally not…