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Disclaimer: is a automatic erotic search engine focused on free porn tube videos.We do not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website.go to your local head shop and ask, you will love it I promise)ansd nag champa superhit,(a new version)the "zone"that you get in when there is good hard basslines and your poi dont feel like anything,they just are and you close your eyes and just be the music.streeet racing,the smell of exaust burnt rubber and used nitruos when two cars launch from there stop the slight squeeling of tires the sound of engines straining,mild amounts of smoke left in the air ass they blow feeling you get when you are in "puppy love",italian food,my car,frisbee golf,miller lite,star trek tng ,and all but the original.(Picard was the best capt.

Dishonesty Pollution TAKE - I'll stop here for now I think Peace and Hugswanderinglinton I likekinky sex in the rainfireferretschicken burritosmonkeysgoing to the zoomen that kiss my eyelashes men that touch my cheek ever so softlypeople who play with my hairbrutally honest peoplecuddleing by a fire after a showerbig bright smilesbrown eyes Dr. When someone who you love, calls you out of the blue, and says "hey, i miss you, i've been thinking of you! The time my dad wiped everything off the computer without telling anyone first and i lost a novel i'd been writing for two years7. long ones Being scared Nagging Stressheads All the arseholes in the world today (Saddam, Bush, Bin Laden et al.)Garage music Melting ice caps US government experiments to control weather Dull days Nostalgia It's getting tough now...........

People who have the ability to do something, but complain because they don't have the courage to change. Delete You don't make friends with Hard House, you don't make friends with Hard House!!!!! Snow Being out in a heavy thunderstorm Festivals Greenpeace People I envy Japan Looking into someone's eyes and not saying anything but knowing that a million words have passed between you. Writing music Playing music People cheering Euphoria Irony Adrenaline The Feline family Flying/freefalling India The Himalayas Jungle/Rainforest My Quiksilver jeans DCShoe Co USAWaking up somewhere different When the penny drops and you feel a bit daft Someone making me laugh Making other people laugh Laughter in general Cloudsam in the middle of nowhere Rolling hills Russia Grolsch advert - Shtop!!!

People who use or exploit other people (by use I mean use negatively)People who expect me to conform to their narrow little worlds Yak butter Tea!!! because i feel it too often ` why are the things i like so much simpler that the things i dont? I like:*swinging high on swings esp in the rain*swimming, esp in the rain*feeling so connected with the earth and people around me that it brings tears to my eyes*puppies*genuine compliments*freedom of movement - that feeling after yoga*summer warmth - sultry nights*chilling in a hammock with my closest friends*drinking daquiries*indulging my inner child*people remembering my name*snorkelling in tropical paradise*being nude at the beach, with no one else around*psytrance*falling asleep on my man's chest with his arms wrapped around me*wondering if, emmmmm, we've woken up the neighbours*waking up to a clean house on a saturday morning*non-verbal mind-communication with people I am close to*sharing a knowing look with someonedislikes:*wondering if we've woken up the neighbours*house cleaning*mindless fashion*coming down*commercial radio stations*violence*not doing the best I can [ 06 September 2002, : Message edited by: flash fire ]Ho P Posting Guidelines Is it the Truth? (Private joke)This is a good thread, some v funny stuff here!!! Canoeing/Kyaking & generaly being on water The list would be endless............

-People who say things like "pinko commie treehugging faggots" and mean them-Money-People obsessed with money-Chickenhawk thinktank whores who know none of their sons will be on the front lines.

-People who say things like "Innovation" and "Entrepreneurship" (note the capital letters) with a straight face.: Likes: Texas,good tasting shwag,all marawana,glass pipes and bongs, Nag champa(sticl incense, never heard of it?

In no particular order, and certainly not exhaustive: Needs: Hugs Love Likes: Beautiful souls Intelligent, informed people, who care Food Cooking Drawing / Art Poi Music Cheese Wine Good beer Lazy sex Open fires Camping on the beach (or elsewhere)Warm weather Being warm when it is cold outside Being wrapped up in the love of a special woman Not having to talk for the sake of it Teaching kids Going to work in shorts and a t-shirt Terrorising Taiwan on my big red motorcycle Getting up at am and going to bed at am Did I mention food???

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