Christian dating physical attraction

17-Jun-2020 12:58

which over time can lead to resentment and some real challenges. You may not do it, but that drive is meant to eventually bond the two of you together.Our sexuality is gift from God and a beautiful aspect of a healthy marriage.

| Abbreviations and acronyms | The OG Copyright and Fair Use of Boards | Main TMB Web Site | TMB Twitter Shop to Give - Start Amazon shopping here please! Wanted to start a discussion here based on one an irl friend and I were having yesterday. Sometimes in the Christian community we put so much emphasis on the value of unseen qualities in a relationship, like compatibility, solidity of character, stability in relationship with God, etc-- as being the focal point in choosing a mate.

I am dating a guy, we started with emails and then a few more weeks of talking on the phone.

When I met him and saw him for the first time I just wasn’t attracted to him physically.

It took me 6 months and he just did it to shut me up. She didnt feel it either and the whole marriage of 15 years was a disaster. It is fine to chose a mate based on other things but it sure helps for a happy life if they make your heart skip.

For me, with some caveats, initial physical attraction is not important.Key Results from an MIT Study on Online Dating Here are 5 Reasons Why God Asks You to Wait to Find a Spouse Love Languages and the Crucifixion Here’s 6 Reasons Why Dating a Fellow Catholic is Better DATEWORTHY?