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" the therapist asks "under what conditions will we end, and what will that ending look like?" This way, client and therapist together decide why and how therapy will end. The good news is you can have the "why and how we'll stop" talk any time.It's why good termination should be among the treatment goals, especially if the client has a history of bad endings.If you'd like to explore the "alternative" along with CS, here are a few tips to help you terminate well (as illustrated by alternative rock): 1.Then the thought comes to you: I wonder if I'm ready to stop?A lot of clients at this point believe they need to make a bold declaration: "I've decided to leave. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to terminate immediately, but talking it through may give a clearer idea.Don't fear the reaper (Blue Oyster Cult, 1976) As mentioned in Part I, the best therapy doesn't deny its finite nature.All therapy comes to an end, and unfortunately most clients and therapists don't talk about termination until it's staring them in the face.

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The flow and continuity of therapy eventually weakens, changing the quality of the relationship.

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