Christian views on dating non christians

02-Apr-2020 12:36

Girls, on the other hand, may be more likely to romanticize dating.

Looking for a Romeo to sweep her off her feet, she can begin to idealize dating, hoping to be able to enjoy the kind of totally unrealistic love affairs portrayed in romance novels. Both are opposed to the spiritual perspective of dating, which is objective and God-centered.

When dating is selfish or idealistic, then God's Word is placed under feelings.

But God's Word must govern our feelings and emotions.

Not Masters and Johnson, not some "expert," not the prevalent moral standards of two hundred years ago, not even the ideas of your "ancient" parents are to be your standard of morality. It is my goal in this pamphlet to present only what God says in His Word.

And it will spare you from having a standard set for you by a mere human, a standard which might change tomorrow. And this is a rule which applies not only to Sundays, but also to Friday and Saturday nights!

Sex and dating are not to be separated from Christ's dominion in our life.

The most loving thing that I can do for you is to make clear what the Bible says you may, should, and must do and what it forbids you to do.

May God guide us to love Him with our all, to adhere to His standard of purity and holiness, and to exercise the fruit of the Spirit: self-control. It is a development of the past few hundred years in Western culture.

That is why the Bible says nothing specifically about dating.

To their parents they often insist that dating is just "for fun." With their closest of friends, on the other hand, they are more likely to treat dating as pretty serious business.

Generally these conflicting signals reflect some of the confusion which they experience within themselves as they deal with and try to understand their own emotions.

But, on the other hand, we may not, in reaction to the openness of our society, be silent. I Corinthians 7, Proverbs 5, the book of the Song of Solomon, Job 31:1, Hebrews 13:4, and many other passages speak about the subject openly and frankly.

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