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Mobile and tablet devices do not require require any additional applications.Webcams and audio speakers are strictly optional but allow for a better user experience.[] [CHAT] Katiebug586: I-Ship-Stevidot u and me must pm [] [CHAT] Landen Master: Everyone tries to talk about Peridot fusing, or summoning a weapon, like the episode Too Short to Ride didn't even happen [] [QUIT] Garnet The Fusion has warped out [] [QUIT] Amethyst's Sister has warped out [] [CHAT] Lizzyrun15: Do you guys need editing?[] [CHAT] Katiebug586: If we could Pm that is [] [CHAT] Dudegi WC: I always thought Peridot couldn't do those things because Homeworld simply kept the knowledge secret [] [QUIT] Onyx Sketch has warped out [] [CHAT] Mysterious spy girl 13: I thought it was cool she had metal powers.[] [CHAT] Sea Aquamarine: Do they still give out badges on this wiki [] [CHAT] Sea Aquamarine: I haven't been on this wiki in forever [] [CHAT] I-Ship-Stevidot: No [] [CHAT] Vloggmus: [] I-Ship-Stevidot: No [] [CHAT] Fun Bot 2.0: when did you guys find out about Steven Universe [] [QUIT] The12G has warped out [] [CHAT] Landen Master: What if Lion is corrupted PD, but tamed by Rose, the same way Steven tamed Centi?[] [CHAT] I-Ship-Stevidot: When commercials appeared @Fun [] [CHAT] Pixel Puddle: ^ [] [CHAT] I-Ship-Stevidot: @Landen *jenny voice* where the gem at tho [] [CHAT] Laughy Sapphy102: When I accidentally saw the ep after jailbreak [] [CHAT] Landen Master: I think either that or that it's Greg's cat experimented on [] [JOIN] Frankentine274 has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [CHAT] Fun Bot 2.0: i found out right before jailbreak and started watching after Friend Ship [] [CHAT] I-Ship-Stevidot: Or it could be a magical lion [] [CHAT] Frankentine274: OH MY Go SH [] [CHAT] Laughy Sapphy102: i got all interested and came to the wiki to find out what happened [] [CHAT] I-Ship-Stevidot: Hi Frank o/ [] [QUIT] Galacticdreamer has warped out [] [CHAT] Laughy Sapphy102: @Frank nice proff [] [CHAT] Frankentine274: nekrvnkenvk the new episode im cryin [] [CHAT] Laughy Sapphy102: my fav garnet moment [] [CHAT] Frankentine274: i wont spoil [] [CHAT] Sea Aquamarine: im becoming su trash [] [CHAT] Landen Master: @Stevidot shipper - no normal animals in this show are magical.[] [CHAT] I-Ship-Stevidot: Chris Hayes is Pink Diamond!

[] [QUIT] Sea Aquamarine has warped out [] [CHAT] Laughy Sapphy102: The barn is pink diamond [] [CHAT] Landen Master: What if Homeworld is actually just lying to the gems about what happened to PD and she was corrupted by the Diamonds?

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