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14-Jun-2020 06:44

Results indicate that for both men and women, child abuse increases the risk for dating violence.Findings also suggest that specific race and gender combinations moderate the relationship between child abuse and later experiences of IPV, specifically regarding the risk for mutual or bidirectional violence.A senior, she plans on graduating in the Spring of 2014 and attending graduate school to earn a Ph. Several theorists contend that male university/college students who physically, sexually, and psychologically abuse their female dating partners are more likely than men who are not abusive to adhere to the ideology of familial patriarchy.She illustrated this feeling by saying that, “Hitting women is never ok and that we also need to help young men and women learn healthy strategies for handling emotions in their relationship so that fights don’t escalate into aggression.” There is good news that came from this study as well.The researchers found that by following up on the couples who received feedback and a brief assessment regarding their aggression were “significantly less physically aggressive with their partner in the following nine months.” They also concluded that “it is possible for men and women to become less aggressive in their relationships if there is awareness and motivation to change the aggressive behaviors.” Amarra is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Development and Spanish.Implications for prevention and intervention and directions for future research are discussed.

She continued, “There may be a gender difference in which men’s aggression can be predicted by their pro-aggression attitudes whereas women’s aggression is better predicted by their mood state and the quality of their relationship.” In addition, Woodin felt passionate about the necessity of educating young men in particular.Needless to say, therefore, that communication problems may be just about the most trying diffculty in any Asperger marriage. GISELA: For me, one of the most frustrating aspects of our marriage has been the impossibility of discussion of any issue that may be at all emotive.