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Some hotels rented rooms for the night, shared by many occupants, and sharing a bed entailed an additional fee. Anna Gunn's character in the HBO series Deadwood mentions removing a bundling board from their bed in Season 2, Episode 2.It is possible that, as late as the mid-19th century, bundling was still practiced in New York state and perhaps in New England, though its popularity was waning. In the series, Salem during Season 1, Episode 7, "Our Own Private America", adolescent teens are seen bundling. Seeking a haven in the New World for persecuted Friends, Penn asked the King to grant him land in the territory between Lord Baltimore's province of Maryland and the Duke of York's province of New York.With the Duke's support, Penn's petition was granted.The tradition is thought to have originated either in the Netherlands or in the British Isles and later became common in colonial United States, It is possible the precedent for bundling came from the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz, in which Ruth, a young widow, and Boaz, an older wealthy landowner, spend a night together in a grain storage room while not touching; the pair later get married.Traditionally, participants were adolescents, with a boy staying at the residence of the girl.They were given separate blankets by the girl's parents and expected to talk to one another through the night. 1846), for example, initially argued before Judge Edmunds in the Orange Circuit Court of New York, concerned the seduction of a 19-year-old woman; testimony in the case established that bundling was a common practice in certain rural social circles at the time.

colonial dating in 1776-73

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Bundling, or tarrying, is the traditional practice of wrapping one person in a bed accompanied by another, usually as a part of courting behavior. It would be something if you have a genuine Continental Currency piece. Our picture, of course, is a replica, worth essentially zero.

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