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The Smithsonian and other museums, cultural spaces etc. I guess it's fine if you like being robbed, harassed, and living with terrible city services and an unresponsive city government. A 30 minute drive can get me to VA vineyards, MD sailing, downhill skiing (MD, PA), and farther I can get to NC outer banks, Philly, Manhattan, or further into the mountains.

Fantastic public schools and private schools in the DC/VA/MD area (and some bad). Fun national sports teams (hockey, basketball, baseball, football, college level as well), easy to get tickets and attend venues.

Even so, I absolutely love it here more than any other place, and I've lived in beautiful Colorado, California, the South, outside Boston, Philly, NYC, and abroad.

For a Muslim country, the number of women who work as prostitutes in Bahrain is remarkably high.

Za'atar the herb has long green leaves and a thyme-like flavour.

It is sometimes called wild thyme in English, and it grows along the slopes of the Syrian-Lebanese mountains.

I can already tell that I'm only going to be here for a year or two..... and many services such as getting a haircut are ridiculously high. the public school system is AWFUL, so once I'm ready to have kids, I'll head out to No.

Va or MD because don't want to pay private tuition.

Easy to get to and enjoy museums, performing arts, zoo, etc. Here are the pros of DC: DC is an absolutely GORGEOUS city! I liked it better when I was I am older.. To afford any reasonable amount of space to live in, you have to move farther from the city.While everyone has different preferences, you might be wondering if the city or the suburbs of the nation's capital are right for you.