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02-Mar-2020 11:32

"Silence is what allows pedophiles to win." The fact is, thousands of children around the world have been brutally abused to create these images, and demand for the pictures is burgeoning, fueled by the Internet. Child pornography comes in many forms, ranging from photos of kids in baths to the terrible images that Father Fortunato discovered.Some are old images that have been scanned into computers; others are new.He had begun to offer an Internet course to parish children, believing it was a vital learning tool.During one of the first meetings of his informal study group, a little girl said she wanted to search for "lollipops." Using an Italian slang word for lollipop----Father Fortunato punched the letters into the search engine.

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The priest traced a criminal trail linking distributors and users of such child pornography with those who molest children or worse--many of them like-minded spirits who have created a subculture in the dark corners of the Web.But that very instinct--to turn away--serves the child pornographers well.