Dating a childish man slovenija dating site de

29-Mar-2020 05:11

If he blames you for everything and never takes responsibility, beware - it means he's really immature.Source: Shutter Stock An immature guy does things out of spite.Or he just doesn't want to handle them, which still means he's immature.

He obviously doesn't want to compromise his social life for his girlfriend, which isn't cool.If your BF does this kind of stuff, kick him to the curb. Source: Shutter Stock It's totally fine for your boyfriend to have a boy's night once a week or something.But if he seems more interested in goofing off with his friends than hanging out with you, that's a bad sign.But if he freaks out, has no idea what to do, shuts down emotionally or just straight up leaves you to deal with it on your own, he's obviously too immature to handle it. Source: Shutter Stock A mature guy knows when he's wrong, and he knows he has to apologize for it.

An immature guy will deny that he ever did the wrong thing, and will refuse to apologize (even if he knows deep down he should).That's really immature and a sign that he needs to grow up more and learn to forget about what others think.