Dating a reclusive man

10-Jun-2020 08:53

I’ve found immense physical attraction for men whom I never would have picked out of a lineup and that attraction came from discovering the guy behind the wrapper.

When I hear women bitching that all they want is a grown-ass man, one with his shit together who will do whatever it she wants him to do when she wants him to do it like some goddamned mind reader, I call bullshit. The greatest gift I’ve been given this year was by Bobbi Palmer. Yeah — about that whole “doing fine on my own” thing.

Which means you’ll probably find the same shit you’ve always found. You’re the only one who can be you — and there’s someone out there looking for your brand of weird. And if you’re ever going to be properly fucked instead of constantly feeling fucked over, here are the three shifts I’ve made in my life that just might work for you. What I can tell you is this: they’ve worked for me.

Why don’t you let your freak flag fly and let the right person see it wave from a distance? So, maybe you’ll keep bitching that your love life isn’t what you want and that all the Grown Ass Men (and Women) are nowhere to be found.

But the hard truth I’ve had to face is this: I suck at dating.

Since April of 2011, I’ve been graced with meeting several people who have changed the way I look at dating and love. They’ve each taught me hard truths, told me things I didn’t want to hear, and rattles me out of a very (holyfuckvery) proud protective cage I’d locked myself in. I happened to be on Facebook yesterday (as one does) and saw this powerful status update from him. And why do I keep hearing people of both sexes say — still — that they can’t seem to find a good guy or girl in a world with a population of roughly 7 billion people?

For instance, all the lavatory paper in his loo had different packaging. He was, however, highly into sex as a performance sport, with competitive metrics and all.

It seemed off, i inquired and voila the long-winded explanation about how he “acquired” it unconventionally because the government should actually pay for it but they don’t and that he was also against pulp plantations. If orgasm delivery quotas were not met, there would be an existential crisis.

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For the first, I mean, aside from the fact that I knowingly married a chauvinistic redneck who cheated on his first wife with a stripper… While I don’t know if what we had was love, it was the closest I’d come at age 22. We parted as friends and made our marriage counselor’s head spin because of conversations like this: Me: “Do you want to be married to me? I decided to stop looking for love in someone else, though I’d lost the dearest love I’d ever known. When I stumbled into Jason back in 2010, it was at a point where I’d done a few things: I’d stopped doing the same thing.