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Nhan, 46, had known his father was an American soldier named Bob, but little else. “I had lost my father for 40 years, and now I finally had gotten together with him.” But the journey toward their reconciliation has not been easy. military personnel fled Saigon on April 29 and 30, 1975, they left behind a country scarred by war, a people uncertain about their future and thousands of their own children.News of the positive DNA test set in motion a chain of events involving two families 8,700 miles apart that is still unfolding and has been complicated by the illness of the veteran, Robert Thedford Jr., a retired deputy sheriff in Texas. These children — some half-black, some half-white — came from liaisons with bar girls, “hooch” maids, laundry workers and the laborers who filled sandbags that protected American bases.

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This deficiency in English has disqualified them for the naturalization process to become U.

"Daughter from Danang," a well acclaimed and Oscar-nominated documentary, followed the journey of Heidi Bob, born to a Vietnamese mother and an American serviceman during the Vietnam War, to see her mother for the first time ever since she left Vietnam at the age of seven. Some were brought over to America in the final days of the war as part of "Operation Babylift." Although this program was strongly criticized later by the American public as a culturally insensitive approach toward Amerasians, it rescued those children like Heidi from suffering a troubled childhood if they had ever grown up in Vietnam.

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