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04-May-2020 12:13

I believe he was alluding to the fact that young people want companionship, intimate companionship, but aren't really sure they can have that without being condemned by fellow Muslims.

It's a valid question because, if we aren't totally arranging marriages of young Muslims, how are they supposed to meet each other?

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My mother was dropping me off to go to the movies with Jen, Kim, Laura, and Ryan. I knew that if my mom saw him, she would never trust me again and would confine me to the house for the rest of the summer. I imagined him halting mid-ICEE, flinging it in the air, and then leaping across the counter, making a beeline for my hole. I saw Ryan sitting third-row center, with an empty seat saved for me next to him.

Later, I came across a Minaret magazine survey of 90 Muslim students in California colleges on premarital sex.

The only way the teen can stop the tracking is to turn the phone off -- which they don't do very often.… continue reading »

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