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11-Apr-2020 17:14

Fascism first reared its ugly head in Europe during the post WWI era, when communism had already made great inroads in Eastern Europe.

Spurred by the industrialized violence of the Great War, many Europeans sought a strong central government which they believed could protect them in the event of another war.

A nice summary of the history of Antifa is provided by Antifa, or Anti Fascists, are making headlines around the country …

particularly in Berkley, Portland, and other far left strongholds. For many Americans they appear to be a new organization, one which has sprung to life to protest President Trump’s election.

It’s been several days and we can now step back and appreciate the lessons learned in this event, which upon closer inspection reveals shocking truths that everyone in America needs to recognize as soon as possible because the future of our nation depends on this.

To understand the importance and significance of this event look no further than the players themselves.

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We’ve all seen the story and the controversies surrounding it repeated on both mainstream and alternative media for day.Like it or not, they’re here and this event has served arguably as the symbolic grand entrance of Antifa onto the streets of America and thus the consciousness of Americans.