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It comes down to quality stretch clothing in simple solid – and therefore slimming colours – which flatter the figure, while the Lycra holds everything in place.The thick material also hides a multitude of sins and, importantly, lets the skin breathe, so while you are covered up and working up a sweat you are not uncomfortable.The key is to feel good about yourself and if investing in a new sports kit is the key then this will help to keep you on track for the new you."So what should we be wearing?Well, subtlety is the key – and so is clever dressing.With fitness top of the agenda this month, the Capital's gyms have seen a flurry of new members desperate to shape up once and for all.But, in addition to counting those calories on the treadmill, workout wear should be top of the agenda to keep motivation high so that you don't fall off the wagon.

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He was perhaps pleased to hear from the clerk that as a peer he was now entitled to "privileges and immunities".There was no shortage of opponents grumbling that he should not be there at all.