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13-Jun-2020 15:17

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Going into the dating pool, the beauty has to battle against insecure men, unspoken stigmas (will explain in the next paragraph) and female haters (who aren’t as hot).A beautiful woman is so deadly that her photograph will bring instant venom from any casually cute woman who sees it.It’s a harmful cliche because it gets into your head and it sits there.The stigma presents itself in books, movies and tales of woe from friends who have found a crazy beauty.For the guy who lands a beauty and is happy with his relationship or marriage, other guys will hate on him as hardcore as women will hate on her. He’s just some fat nerd cat, he has to be loaded”, or “how is she that fine and dude looks like some average frat boy?” Guys spew this rhetoric without thinking twice because of how we see things.Absolutely nothing, this is why it is a curse ladies.

If you are a drop-dead gorgeous woman who hasn’t gone into modeling, acting or porn, your dating pool by default will be a shallow one.

Many times a guy who gets in with a beauty will literally be waiting for bitch mode to reveal itself and if he isn’t that type then his friends probably are.

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