Dating the age of teddy bears

09-Jan-2020 09:42

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"Absolutely there has been," says Austin, "and quite a lot of the time it's wives and partners who come in to get them fixed for the men. " Like Jonathan Warren, Austin was also surprised at the stuffed toy statistics, but for a different reason. A man who will throw away his teddy when it gets ragged is more likely to leave his wife - we need to see past the wear and tear, appreciate things for what they are and learn how to fix things. " Time4Sleep followed up on their research and contacted several men to discover why some adults still sleep with stuffed animals.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was much higher than that! And from Wesley in Warrington (who can't drop off without his cuddly lion, Liam) to Gary in Leeds (to whom a night without Brown Bear is unthinkable) the reasons all come down to comfort.

Stuffed animals and cuddly toys are almost synonymous with a feeling of safety.

At a young age, teddy bears and all manner of other such plush characters are thrust upon us and we create bonds with them that we feel shall last forever.

The stuffed toy has also become a part of children's literature and movies and popular culture.

Some famous teddy bears include Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, Corduroy, the Berenstain Bear family and Fozzie Bear.

Whether it's a darling little doll or a traditional teddy, kids sure do love their toy companions.

Today teddy bears are a popular toy for children of all ages.

These men just don't feel safe or cosy without their respective cuddly counterparts. Zookeeper hand-rears cute baby sloth Dr Robin Lawrence, a consultant psychiatrist on Harley Street, offers some explanation as to why such a large proportion of grown men cannot sleep without stuffed animals.

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