Dating two guys at the same time

28-Mar-2020 05:06

We've decided to keep things casual at my suggestion -- friends with benefits -- because I still wanted to spend time with him, etc. I'm in love with him and it scares the crap out of me because I can't tell him.

However, I've realised that I have completely and utterly fallen for this guy. We've met several times to hang out and hook up but contact is limited and I refuse to contact him, I want him to initiate it even though I'm desperate to see him.

I want to see him more, even just as friends but I'm resisting the urge to contact him.

Anyway, I have a friend I've known for about 2 years. He hasn't long come out of a bad relationship and going through a LOT trying to get access to his son, etc.

It's rare for me to like someone this much, yet I can see him in my future.

He's such a good guy which makes it worse, and we get on so well.

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She's not bad in smaller supporting roles (like her part in The Town), but she simply cannot carry a lead. We're told that they do, but never given any real reason to believe it.

The sex is amazing and we are compatible in many ways.