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Shoe cabinet and window ledge bench are found near the entrance for owners convenient, providing seating area for wearing/removing shoes.

Instead of using a dark color, white wooden blind brightens the living room more and gives a sense of purity and calmness to the living room.

Casual formation of the dining table, chairs and bench , together with the warm lightings and weaved mirror, Concrete Interior has designed an easeful and relaxing dining area for this resort concept 3-Room HDB.

Display shelves are specially designed for owner's Absolut Vodka Collection.

Vibrant colors are used to bring out the funkiness of 60s/70s.

You don't need to be dating Big to get your own Carrie Bradshaw walk-in wardrobe!

The kitchen: Perky yellow and carvings of round shaped patterns on the cupboard once again are coordinated to the retro-futuristic theme. Safe and spacious playing areas are created for the children.

Red (used in dining area) and yellow are colors that stimulate appetite, energy and confidence. We also ensure there are sufficient storage space for the children's toys.

The black chic velvet L-shaped sofa and the red-bordered featured wall are definitely the focal points of the living room, which add elements of retro-futurism to the interior design.

The dining area: The upholstered red wall provides a comfortable back support and the dinning table is exquisitely designed to match the theme.False ceiling allows better lighting for the living room while making sure the wirings are hidden.