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It’s been sitting behind glass for 10 years in Emerson College in the library—every detail intact. Often Jimmy Burrows, our director, if there was a scene in the garage, he would say, “Put it in the apartment. Was it just like old times, the four of you coming back together? Everyone’s gone on to other things—our crew has gone on to other sitcoms, but they don’t all have the same magic.

Emerson said, “OK, we’re giving it back to you.” That was when he called us and said, “I’ve got this crazy idea, but nobody can know.” So the set was chopped up into little pieces, brought across the country, recreated in a basement on the same lot [in Los Angeles] that we shot for eight years. It’s funnier in the apartment.” That apartment is like a sandbox for the four of us. It was really emotional to sit and read [the script]....

It’s not like we’re so elderly that we couldn’t get up the energy. [ It was easy for us to get back in sync with each other. So I’m hoping what they walk away with is that your vote matters; your future matters.

During the show’s original run, the cast was known for inappropriate behavior on set, and NBC even had sexual harassment seminars. For me, there’s only one candidate that can deliver that.

I’m incredibly proud of what it was when it was on the air, but I’m also very proud of the life it’s had in the last 10 years. If you really stopped and listened to her, she’s a horrific person.That’s why Will would have those [outraged] responses to her.The crazy story is that the apartment has existed at our creator’s alma mater—Max Mutchnick went to Emerson College in Boston. He realized if the show was still on the air, this is what we’d be talking about—it’s not a stretch. Their dates were limited, so it was amazing we found one.

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For some reason, when we finished the show, he got it in his contract that he could have the set for 10 years. We’d be doing political stuff, and Karen would be for Trump, and the rest of us would be insulting her. What was it like walking back onto the set after all that time? Someday, the record of what happened in those two days will be shown to the world. Like any sitcom, there’s other sets, but that main set was where they wrote most of the stuff for us. It was always a safe place, even in front of an audience of 300.Your ratings, reviews and feedback help keep us on the air.

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