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Spoilers are in the relationship tags and chapter titles, of course, but you're gonna have to read to find out details. We were all happy until Joey decided that it wasn’t perfect enough for him. (Not essential to have read the previous parts, just adds context for this weird lil 'verse I've made) Have you ever wanted to pack up your life, burn your last bridge, and make a whole new start somewhere else? Leaving behind a home, a daughter, and the shadows of a life you’d rather forget, you’ve up and moved a thousand miles away to find a new start.

It wasn’t the clean-cut, picture-perfect slice of life that he forced me into and he had to go and ruin it. Robert is the only piece of Marilyn I have left and Joseph fucked him over. What you find instead is a man who reminds you so strongly of your past that even catching his eye across a crowded bar takes your breath away and sets your heart racing with fear. When Isaac met Alex, he definitely wasn’t prepared for all the events to come.

This unique education program gives women the tools they need to improve their education and career prospects to confidently leave behind abusive situations, seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

While global issues such as violence against women and girls can seem insurmountable, we see successes every day.

unhealthy relationships; and provide programs to empower girls— Learn More about Dream it Be it Infographic: Teen Dating Violence Love shouldn't hurt.

It is a worldwide public health crisis and human rights violation of epidemic proportions.

On the cul-de-sac where he lives, most of the fathers are single, and the player has the option of romancing them.

Now why would anybody in their right mind buy a house via a conversation on a messaging app?… continue reading »

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THE RESOLUTION (OR LACK THEREOF)I end up chatting with "Special-Reward" about Life Stuff—our jobs, the site, the few "creeps" she's encountered there—for about 45 minutes.… continue reading »

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Also, spend too much time on it and you start getting paranoid you're seeing 'someone you liked on Happn' every time you sit in your local cafe. If you actively pursue a date on Hinge, discretion mustn't be an issue – your friends are bound to find out.… continue reading »

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