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With a steadily growing audience and more and more concerts scheduled in the country, the Djamchid sisters – Eden, 24, and Shay-Li, 25 – equipped with a delicate combination of a cello and guitar, released in June their nine-track debut album, Djamchid Sisters.The release of the record was a long time coming, with both Eden and Shay- Li working not only on their music but also to pay for the recording process, though they received backing from a successful crowdfunding campaign.“We wanted everything..string quartet, the trumpet player, everything,” says Eden.The sisters began playing as a duo with Shay-Li (then aged 16) on guitar and Eden (then 15) on cello.But it is now quickly shrinking at both ends of the planet, leading scientists to worry that the effect of global warming might be worse than perviously thought.The strange and unexpected effect has been attributed to a combination for the build-up of man-made greenhouse gases, the El Nino weather event and freak natural swings in the weather.Arctic sea ice, expanding in winter, is at a record low of 10.25 million square kilometers (3.96 million square miles), below a 2006 record.

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You’re always thinking.”Though they’re based in Jerusalem, the sisters are constantly touring, and their willingness to play house shows – concerts hosted in people’s living rooms – allows them to be heard in smaller cities where there may not be more traditional venues available.

Eventually, she became a hot commodity, playing with many of the groups when they gave recitals.