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Sometimes the bridge or plate was defective and unsuitable for use.

In other cases on the "Black Crackle" finish plates, the number was stamped before spraying.

The 4-bolt neck guitars and 6-bolt basses changed to serial numbers beginning with "CL".

About one year later, the numbers changed to a "CLF" prefix.

Below are comments made by author Paul Bechtoldt circa 1992.

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The third and fourth styles were used from late 1983 to 1990 on different models.The first headstock used was the non-sculpted style that was quite similar to the old Music Man style.These necks also have the "skunk stripe" on the back of them.When G&L changed the construction method of the necks, the stripe disappeared and the sculpted "bump" on the headstock was added.

The third and fourth versions were the modernistic design.The bodies that are stamped may have been stamped prior to the final finishing process, which would account for some of the signature series having 19 body dates.