Error 80070002 updating windows system

06-Dec-2019 11:00

I read on reddit that you can go to the registry and add . It downloads everything, asks me what to save, then it says it wants to make sure I have enough space.It downloads the 2605MB file, then it says "preparing for installation", then it gives the following error: I tried this: Windows 7 SP1 Not Able To Run Windows Update Error 80070002 It deleted my history and the download, so I checked for updates again, pressed "Get Started" and the problem happened again. Then it stops with an error that says something like: "couldn't make sure you have enough space on your PC", even though I have 180GB free on my only hard drive. Mine seems to get as far as rebooting into the installer, and around 13% done, 46% of the way into copying files, restarts and the goes into "restoring your previous OS".This is with Windows 8.1 on a system with around 160Gb free space. Perhaps some driver or service that windows is trying to update isn't a base component, is demanded by the update, but not included in the update.Would there be more detail in event viewer or a log for it?

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