Face recognition dating

22-May-2020 08:56

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NEWARK -- Relationships may not be all about looks, but initial attractions are.

That's the underlying theory behind a new dating app - "Face Date" - a group of students and professors at the New Jersey Institute of Technology are in the midst of developing.

Comparing two white men’s dating profile pictures side-by-side, an existing computer algorithm could determine with 81% accuracy whether or not a person self-identified as gay or straight.

The researchers used an existing facial recognition program called VGG Face to read and code the photos, then entered that data into a logistic regression model and looked for correlations between the photo features and a person's stated sexual orientation.

The app pairs potential daters who are attracted to each other, based on the appearance data derived from the photos both users uploaded. "Once you have a match, you get to know the person" via a messaging platform and additional profile details that couples can see once they've been matched, he said.

The app was introduced in late 2015 as a way to make sure you knew exactly who you were starting to message, guaranteeing the user on the other end looked like the photos they were using.The app uses facial recognition technology to match users with people in their area they might find attractive.